"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie ..........."

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie............."

Now, this lyric doesn't make me remember Dean Martin - it just makes me hungry for pizza! I can't help it, pizza is my favorite food, even though I feel like it should be something more sophisticated.

At this point, I've given in and decided that if I like pizza that much, I should know all about the best places to get pizza in New Jersey, my new home. So, I've started a pizza tour of New Jersey and what else makes sense but to start a blog about it........

Pizza Rules

Pizza Rules:

Over the course of my life, my dad has passed on a few key things, including an appreciation of whiskey and the belief that pizza is not pizza unless it has pepperoni on it. So, I will be sampling the pepperoni pizza at each restaurant and then I will try whatever is considered the "specialty" of the place. The sauce, crust, and topping of each pizza slice/personal pie will be given a score from 1 to 5 and an overall score will be given. Then, an "originality" score will be given based on the ambiance of the place, selection of types of pizza, etc.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Second Pizza: Federici's

So, the second pizza outing was successful. A group of 8 of us (pizza is popular!) made it to Federici's pizza joint in downtown Freehold. Overall, we had a great time. But I'm not sure if this whole rating system thing is going to work, because I did not really like this pizza but somehow I still gave it a rating of 3. I seem to have a problem with giving low rating scores, even inanimate things like pizza. Am I worried about hurting pizza's feelings? OK, this seems like a personal issue that needs to get solved on a different kind of blog. Let's get back to the pizza......

I shared a pepperoni pizza with Nicole this time around. The pizza sauce was pretty good (score =3) with hearty tomato flavor but not many other strong seasonings. The crust was thin and crispy (score =2) - very cracker-like, which is not my favorite kind of crust. The pepperoni (score = 2) was very unevenly spaced over the whole pie and made the pizza pretty greasy (I had to "drain" the slice each time before taking each bite). So, it really seems like I should make this a 2 score overall - do you think the pizza will be offended?


  1. I say drop it down to a 2, my pizza was good, but not great... i like their other restaurant Frankie Feds MUCH better for pizza...

  2. It reminded me of matzah pizza with it's cracker like dough. Pizza was extremely greasy and I could actually see through my hand after eating my left over slices. As Jen stated the toppings weren't properly spread across the pizza.